Underage Gambling

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Underage Gambling Prevention

The games on HollywoodCasino.com are designed to be used by adults 21 years of age and older. It is illegal for people under 21 years old to have a HollywoodCasino.com account or to gamble online. We strictly prohibit minors from registering or gambling.

HollywoodCasino.com takes all reasonable steps to prevent underage gamblers from accessing and using our services, including the use of identity verification services to ensure that all users are eligible before activating an account. As a registered user, you can help us prevent underage gambling online.

Especially if you access your HollywoodCasino.com account on shared computer, or if you have underage individuals in your household, it's important that you take precautions to prevent underage gambling. Do not use software that saves your username and password on shared devices, and consider installing parental control programs that can help prevent minors from accessing online gambling websites.

HollywoodCasino.com includes several mechanisms that can help you detect unauthorized use of your player account. Note the last login time and IP address when you log into your account, and review your game transactions and financial transactions in your account details to ensure that there is no suspicious activity.

Parents with immediate concerns about underage gambling should call the Problem Gamblers Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER.

Tips for Parents

Parents should recognize the signs that their children may be gambling. Here are some behaviors to watch for:

  • Your child's friends gamble regularly
  • Obsession with the results of professional sports
  • Dishonesty or secretive behavior about gambling activities
  • Borrowing or stealing money from others to gamble
  • Taking money or valuable possessions from home
  • Loss of interest in social activities or a general attitude of dissatisfaction
  • Unjustified euphoria alternating with mood swings of sadness or loneliness
  • Drop in school performance
  • Signs of apathy, agitation, or nervousness when unable to access a computer
As a parent, you can take action to help keep your children safe from the risks of underage gambling. Here are some tips:
  • Remind underage children that gambling is an adult activity
  • Don't encourage underage children to gamble, and don't purchase lottery tickets for them
  • Never make assumptions. Underage gambling is not specific to any group, age, or gender
  • Talk to kids early. Open a meaningful conversation about the risks of gambling. By opening a dialogue, you help ensure that your kids are better prepared to make responsible choices now and throughout their lives.
  • Keep your online gambling account information safe. Minors won’t be able to create their own accounts, but parents should be mindful of the possibility that underaged family members might use their parents' accounts, passwords, or credit cards and personal information.
  • Consider downloading computer safeguards. While content control tools have limitations, software is available that can help block access to online gambling sites. Some operating systems also have built-in parental controls.